VIP Class Notes (Nate)


Suggestion” (Focus on the soft g sound, it is similar to the “j” sound but only for this specific word)

Third” (Focus on the “th” sound as it can be tricky, use a mirror to practice saying the certain words)


It takes more energy (Make sure to be specific with what takes more energy) (“Doing yoga takes more energy“)

“Live in Bali” (Make sure to establish a full sentence “I would like to live in Bali“)

I like choose (“I like to choose” is the correct grammatical  usage of the word, be sure to identify what you are choosing)


Express– Quick way to deliver a certain product or carry out an action faster than usual.

Northern Lights- Area in northern hemisphere known for lights of various colors appearing in the sky.

Alone time– Time spent alone with ones-self.

The sights– Slang term for certain tourist attractions in a certain area.

Yoga’s– Slang for yoga instructors

I think most people know spicy food and hot pot and pandas there in Chengdu, these things are very famous here in china.

I graduated from shanghai tech university, I have been living here for eight years since I’ve graduated. Both I like, its different, its more comfortable in Chengdu, most people feel relaxed, and more happy, but shanghai, there are more opportunities, its more fashion.

We can meet everything, the people, the technology is more international.

I work in a internet company, as a assistant to the chairman, I’m adapted, and good at improvisation, I’ve been an assistant for my boss for three years, I know him a lot.

My major is graphic design and I’m not a designer, why I choose this major is I like painting and I paint, when I was young, I painted for 12 years. I choose, design as my major, but when I was in third year in University, I found out I don’t like design I like painting. I often paint mountains and birds and flowers.

Three months ago, I was there to watch an exhibition, which was from the Pompidou, all of the paintings were from Pompidou, one of that was paintings, one was new media, one was performance art. Its over now”

I’ve been dancing for about five years, I’m very happy when I was dancing, I don’t care, I just very happy.

I’ve been to Harbin and Qingdao, and Tibet, Harbin is a little bit like Asia, the weather is very dry, I had a business trip there three years ago, I have been there many times in winter its very cold, many foods in Harbin are very special.

Everything in Chengdu is spicy, all of these ways are spicy, you can put chili in everything, When I was in Chengdu I ate spicy noodles every morning.

You can choose without spicy, there are pancakes with beef or pork, you can choose one without spicy.

We usually have meditation for three minutes and it can help you to relax, yoga is more soft than other exercise, some times I do Pilates, Pilates is more energy. My shoulder is also painful due to the AC, its good since I’ve done yoga, Its useful for our body. I’ve been doing yoga for four years. I’ve heard many yoga’s like to go to Bali, to have yoga class. I love Bali, its very, there are many different cultures and artists.

It has old culture in the xiaolin temple, the old chalk paintings, they looked like many people and they show there exercises and show specific culture, I don’t know what type of culture . But I can understand.