VIP Class Notes (Celeste) [S]


Writing homework: What do you like best about Shanghai? What do you not like about Shanghai? Why? Also, try to give many examples and use the vocabulary from your previous classes.

eg. I don’t like pollution because it makes my skin sensitive. I don’t like traffic because the motorcycles go in all different directions on the sidewalk.

Needs more review

I don’t know what I can do for work here in China.  – try to be more specific


Q: What did you do this morning? What did you do today?

Use these words: massage face / facial, 30 minutes by car, friend’s house, relaxing / 150yuan

This morning I went my friend’s house  by car approximately 30 minutes to ____. She give me facial for 1 hour/60 minutes. I’m relaxing I enjoy that massage. This massage it cost 150yuan.

This morning I went to my friend’s house  by car which was about/approximately 30 minutes to arrive.
This morning my driver took/drove me to my friend’s house which took about half an hour.

She gave me a facial for 1 hour/60 minutes. I was relaxed and I enjoyed that massage. This massage/It cost 150yuan.

was relaxed and I enjoyed that massage which cost 150yuan.

Q: Do you have an air purifier?

I have 1 purifier, only one. that is good but I don’t turn on everyday. I forgot.

I have 1 purifier which I put/keep in my bedroom. I think I only need one. It is good but I don’t turn it on everyday because/as I forget. Sometimes I move the air purifier into my living room.


relaxed ( re lacks t )

calm ( com )

half ( haff )


all city in Columbia is not bad – All cities in Columbia are not bad / are not dangerous


massage facefacial ( fay shull )

eg. The woman used cleansers and creams for my facial.