VIP Class Notes (Ashleigh)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Last Class Review:

Body image issues

ex: [sb] has body image issues



ex: Body image is related to how people perceive beauty.


ex: Santorini is very commercial now because of all of the tourists.

Whet [sb’s] appetite [to induce or increase someone’s interest].

ex:  first chapter of that novel whetted my appetite—I’m eager to read more.

[To get] robbed

ex: They realized the reason why they couldn’t find the wallet was because they got robbed earlier that afternoon.

Pickpocket [someone who steals from someone on the street]

Beware of pickpockets if you go to Europe as they are very prevalent there.

Tourism [ The business of providing tours and services for tourists]

ex: The Greece economy lives off of tourism because their other industries are not doing so well.

Context [语境]

ex: Because I didn’t have any context about the task I did it incorrectly.

Antiquated [过时】: Something old that is no longer popularly used.

Peking is an antiquated term. We say Beijing now.

Liveable [依据]

Shanghai is a much more liveable city than Beijing.

Hilly [having lots of hills]

Both Chongqing and San Fransisco are hilly cities.

Pollution [污染】


Similar to [sth]

ex: Chongqing is similar to Hong Kong in that it is also hilly.

You came to China how long–> How long have you been in China

Where have you been to for vacation –> Where did you go for vacation

All of them is very beautiful–> All of them are very beautiful

I’m not used to eat that –> I am not used to eating that

We are the North to the South –> We went from the North do the South

During the top of the mountain it is very dangerous –> At the top of the mountain it is very dangerous

We have marriage for 4 years –> we have been married for 4 years

I can’t think I done well –> I didn’t think I would do well 

He make test with me –> he tested me

I promote with two levels –> I got promoted two levels.

EF is the way of Chinese education –> EF is more like Chinese-style education

Note: Work on subject/verb agreement (i.e. she has rather than she have)