VIP Class Notes (Ally)[W/R]


Make (longer) sentences (that shows the meaning of each word) with your new vocabulary.


Elementary school: xiao xue

curious: hao qi

myth: chuan shuo

organic: 有机的

digest: xiao hua

competent/competence: ji neng

recommend: tui jian

suggest: jian yi

lurk: duo zai (hei an chu)


Although some people that their working competence is not very well and they don’t work hard, they also like to boast about their achievements.

Although some people are not very competent/lack competence in their jobs, they don’t work hard and they like to boast about their achievements.

Sometimes I’m not on time for my work, because I don’t know what I can dress.
Sometimes I’m not on time for my work, because I can’t decide on what to wear/don’t know I can wear/how I can dress.

There is no direct flight to my hometown.
There is no direct flight to my hometown, so I must take a connecting flight.

If I have accumulate a lot of dirty clothes, I will do the laundry,Whether it’s the weekend or not.
If I have accumulated a lot of dirty clothes, I will do the laundry, even if it’s the weekend/no matter if it’s the weekend or not.

I like to take the escalator when I hang out.
We have to take the elevator because the escalator is broken/broke down.

I really want to promote next year.
I really want a promotion next year.
I really want to be promoted next year.


record(noun) vs record(verb)




It’s good to enjoy food, but sometimes stories about the dangers of eating certain things can be hard to digest. I love to tuck into to a pepperoni pizza or munch on a jam doughnut, even though I know the dangers that lurk in their ingredients. It’s clear that processed foods are not the most nutritious things; but there now comes a new threat – from ultra-processed foods.

To be cont’d:

Scientists have now discovered that eating these types of food – such as chicken nuggets, ice cream and breakfast cereals – have been linked to early death and poor health. This is the stuff that has been through more substantial industrial processing and often has long ingredient lists on the packet, including added preservatives, sweeteners or colour enhancers.

Knowing that your bowl of cornflakes could be bad for you might be hard to swallow, but two studies have shown that people eating more ultra-processed food had worse heart health. Dr Mathilde Touvier from the University of Paris, who conducted one of the studies, told the BBC: “The rapid and worldwide increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods, to the detriment of less processed foods, may drive a substantial burden of cardiovascular diseases in the next decades.”

But it might not be completely necessary to change your diet just yet as there is still some uncertainty about the results of the study and questions still to answer. Kevin McConway, a professor of statistics at The Open University, told the BBC: “These studies do increase my confidence that there’s something real behind these associations – but I’m still far from sure.”

Maybe we should follow the advice of The US National Institutes of Health, which found that ultra-processed foods lead people to eat more and put on more weight. It suggests avoiding food containing ingredients you cannot pronounce or anything your grandmother would not recognise as food! The obvious thing to do seems to be to feast on more unprocessed foods, such as fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds, beans, lentils and wholegrains, often called a Mediterranean-style diet. After all, we are what we eat!