VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S/W]


awkward: gan ga

fine: many meanings; when describing 心情, no meaning
ie. Lily likes fine dining.
ie. 「it’s」Fine (不情愿), you can go today, but come home before 10.
ie. Are you fine with that? -> Are you OK with that?
ie. I’m fine (OK) with you spending time with your family, but what about me?

emotion: 情感
ie. It is hard to express emotion.
ie. Expressing emotion is hard.


ie. Ally and Chris have different ideas/opinions because Ally is rational but/whereas Chris is emotional.

functional: (能) 起作用的,工作的,运转的;
ie. Is the computer functional?
ie. Functional relationships are very important to normal people.

practical: shi yong de, shi ji de

unrealistic: bu xian shi de
ie. You’re too unrealistic, you should be more practical.

impression: yin xiang
ie. It’s very important to leave a good impression.
ie. Leaving a good impression is very important.


noun: person, place, thing

loved/was/thought : tense
ie. I loved Chris, but she is slowly becoming an idiot. (I stopped loving her.)
ie. She was a daughter. (She died)

has been/has baked etc…
ie. She has completed all the required courses./ She completed all the required courses.


When I see America drama, I saw an artist say hello with anyone, often say how are you and another one answered good or great. I think this short term is very ganga.
Often when I watch America dramas, I see actors say hello to someone using “how are you”, and the other person answers/replies “good” or “great”. I think this short term is very awkward.

Often when I use past tense, I will usually add “has”.
Often when I use past tense, I will add “has”.

He is work early.
Surprisingly, he is early for work.

Before, when I speak sentence, I just look at verb and short term is finished
Before (this class), I thought just saying the correct vocabulary was enough. But now, I know how to form sentences using the S-V-O structure.

When my college or my xia shu have nice appearance, although their work are bad, I don’t care them.
When my colleagues or my employees have a nice appearance/look nice, I don’t care even if they’re not very good at their jobs.
Although some of my good-looking colleagues or employees are not very good at their jobs, I don’t really care.

Physically, I think look nice can help someone have a good first impression.
Actually, I think looking nice physically can help someone have/make a good first impression.
Actually, I think to make a good first impression, it’s helpful to look nice.

I learn more lessons(class) with Ally.
I have more lessons with Ally.
I learn English from/with Ally.
use learn lessons: You got sick because you keep staying up late. Have you learned your lesson?


I know Abby who is crying in the car.

I don’t like this book which doesn’t has pictures.

We would not play tennis if it rains tomorrow.

Everyone/All the people loves Nancy who is a pretty and kind girl.

We will have the meeting on the time whether he comes or not.

Although grandpa is old, he is still energetic.
Grandpa, who is still energetic, is actually very old.

Apple speaks english effortlessly like a native speaker.

The girl who got a cold can’t go to the school.

The training that you missed yesterday is very important.

The cupcakes that my mom baked last week are delicious.


says = not say+s, pronounce “sez”