VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S/R]

Today we focused on:

English Smart workbook (on making compound sentences with conjunctions)


miss:  错过 or 想念

example: 例子

What have you been up to? – 你最近在干嘛?

Anything interesting? -有没有好玩的事?

weird: 奇怪

reward: 奖励

present/gift: 礼物

improve: 提高

adults: 成年人 大人

simple:  简单句


scuba diving:潜水
ie. I like skydiving but I don’t like scuba diving.

nervous: 紧张
ie. I’m always nervous before the big game.

practice(n and v): 练习
ie. You must practice to improve.

reach: 够到

place: 地方
ie. The tall girl can reach high places.

lie (v): 说谎
ie. It’s not good to lie to your parents.

clue: a hint 线索 提示
ie. Please give me a clue to the answer of the question.


find vs look for
– find (past tense: found):找到
– look for (past tense: looked for):寻找
ie. Yesterday I lost my phone, and today I found it.
ie. Can you help me look for my phone?

How did you do?vs What did you do?
– What did you do? means 你干了什么?
– How did you do? means 你做得怎么样?
ie. How did you do on your test?

Conjunction words: and, if, but, because, so, or … etc.
– A simple sentence: 1 complete idea
– A compound sentence : 2 complete ideas connected by conjunction word


At blackout, I am finding my earphones.
During the blackout, I am looking for my earphones/headphones.

I have good grades on Chinese, Math, and English. 
I got good grades on Chinese, Math, and English. 

In the winter holiday, I must/have to/need to  improve my English and Math.

I will certainly attend your wedding.


milk – not “miuk”

ce – “s”