VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


injection: zhu she (v) inject

injury: shou shang (v) injure

procedures: (正常) 程序,手续,步骤; (商业、法律或政治上的) 程序; 手术; (v) proceed
ie. I don’t know what the next step/process is -> I don’t know how to proceed. -> How should we proceed? (ask for directions)
ie. What is the standard process? -> What are the standard procedures? (step-by-step)
ie. Cosmetic procedures

cutting-edge: vvvv new
ie. The new Tesla is an example of cutting-edge tech.

taboo: (文化或宗教习俗方面的) 禁忌,忌讳,戒律; 禁止; 避讳;

guard: (v) protect (person) guardian

downplay: make something to be less serious than it is

acquire: get

witty: 言辞诙谐的; 巧妙的; 妙趣横生的; 机智的

AA: Alcoholics Anonymous
ie. My client would prefer to remain anonymous.

accountability: 责任;有义务

pretense: wei zhuang (n)

conflicted (adj): mao dun


douchebag/scumbag = la ji, SX

“there goes…” – something goes out the door
ie. There goes my plan for the weekend.

“let his guard down” – diao yi qing xin
ie. M let his guard down when he started chatting.

“let alone” = 更不用说
ie. I wouldn’t even be friends with that douchebag, let alone date him.

“watch xxx..” = zhu yi , be careful of
ie. I need to watch my weight.

“went with it” = jiu na yang ba “go with flow”
ie. Fran didn’t know what to do, so she just went (along) with it.

Speaking exercise

He has no time to search about the brand and fu zuo song , he just did it.
He has no time to look up/investigate (diao cha)/search for info about(<— look for info) / the brand, he just went with it.

After that, he asked the sales what brand you inject me
… what brand he was injected with.

He is very trusting.

He doesn’t scare about anything.
He isn’t scared about anything.
He doesn’t fear (v) anything.

I don’t know his original looks. (<– stay in noun form)
I don’t know what he looked like before. (<– what+sentence)

You can tell that he had work done before.

It’s more latest.
It’s more advanced.

Obviously, it’s going to hurt.
.. it hurts (v).
.. it will hurt.
.. it is/will be painful.