VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Write about something that interests you/that’s interesting to you (hao wan de)/that you’re interested in.


retire(v): tui xiu (adj) retired (n) retirement

statistics: shuju (n)
ie. I have a colleague who works on statistics.
ie. Statistics show that retirement before 40 is good for you./being retired/retiring before 40…

obese: very overweight (n) obesity
ie. In America, obesity is among the most dangerous/serious health issues.

heads-up (n): warning pre-notice…
ie. Give me a heads-up next time so I can be more prepared.
ie. It’s necessary for you to give me/for me to have/that I get a heads-up if you want to go home early/leave early.
ie. Giving me a heads-up is necessary if you want to go home early.

fishing (v): looking for a kind of reply
ie. I was fishing for your “thank you”.

compliments: kua jiang
ie. He’s just fishing for compliments.

sophisticated: 见多识广的; 老练的; 见过世面的; 复杂巧妙的; 先进的; 精密的; 水平高的; deep
ie. Ally and Fran always have sophisticated topics to share./for their conversations./to chat about.

hinder: 阻碍; 妨碍; 阻挡; (v)
ie. Wearing too many protective gears hinders my hiking experience/my hike (n).

valid: (法律上) 有效的; (正式) 认可的; 符合逻辑的; 合理的; 有根据的; 确凿的; 有效的; 系统认可的;
ie. You raised a valid point but I still want to stick to/go ahead with my original plan.

allergic: guo min (adj)
ie. Being allergic caused a lot of problems./is very problematic./is such a hassle.

ingredients: tiao wei liao
ie. Fran says she is good at cooking but in reality, she can’t even figure out the names for all the ingredients.

over-processed (adj) food:  zhong jia gong
ie. Eating too much over-processed food is bad for your health.

marinated: yan
ie. I don’t like marinated steak, I want to taste the original flavor of the meat.

Speaking exercise

Steak is usually pre-prepared.

They don’t have too much ingredients.
They don’t use as much ingredients.

A part of the allergic is about skin. So foreigners, especially white people, their skins are very thin, so it’s not strong enough to defend the lights and other allergens from food.
A part of being allergic(adj) is about the skin/Some allergies are about skin condition. So for foreigners, especially white people, their skins are very thin,/So skin of foreigners/foreigners’ skin is thinner than Asian skin.  So it’s not strong enough to defend against the sunlight and other allergens from diet. 

The pronunciation of “flash” is not natural for me.
To pronounce “flash” is not natural for me.

Isn’t it the normal topic between us?

I made some decisions but I would tell you once I do them.
I made some decisions but I will only tell you after/once I act on them.


Insufficient time is a big gap to the purpose.
Insufficient time/preparation hinders performance.

(empty) – suddenly my mind went blank as it’s late in the night./too late./it’s late./it’s too late for my brain to work.
(complete and total) – She got a blank refusal from her client.

How would you like your steak?

He went to the hospital for a peculiar purpose.
He got a very peculiar illness.

It’s a hypothetical case – we only use it for training.
Hypothetically, if you were my girlfriend, I would buy you a Maserati-full of Dior/Chanel. 

You are sick you got a hypothermia.
Hypothermia is a serious condition.


flash flush flesh

Maserati – stress on “ra”






issues = i-shoes