VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


conceited: zi fu
ie. She is a very conceited person so nobody likes her very much.

role-model: bang yang
ie. I’m not very good role-model for young kids.

prestigious: you wei wang de
ie. Harvard is a very prestigious school.

third-wheel: dian den pao
ie. Lily is the third-wheel in our relationship.

politically-correct: zhengzhi zhengque
ie. It’s very important to be politically-correct in America.

exhilarating: jidong
ie. It was very exhilarating to stand in Ren Min Guang Chang.

systematically: xitonghua de
ie. Chinese students learn grammar systematically.

overthinking: duo xiang
ie. Don’t overthink your decisions.

job-hunting: zhao gong zuo
ie. It’s never too early to go job-hunting.

emotional: qinggan de

psychological: xili de
ie. The emotional and psychological influences are great.

credits: xue fen
ie. You get four credits for completing this course.

open-minded: kai fang de
ie. My mom is more open-minded than my mom.


If you were a Chinese who studied abroad, and you came back to look/ hunt for a job, do you need a degree?

If you want to abroad to study, you need to be independent/have independence.

Sometimes, school work is not the most important; rather, independence and personal development/growth is the most important.