VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]

Today we focused on:


insufficient: bu gou/ bu chong zu

blank: kong

steak: niu pai

peculiar: guai yi de

hypothetical: jia she (adj) – > hypothesis (n)

hypothermia: ti wen guo di (n)


HZ is an hour away by car/by metro.
It takes an hour to drive/walk to HZ.
It takes an hour’s drive. It’s an hour’s drive.

My head is not working.
I don’t know where my head is.
I didn’t bring my head today.
Fran is a brainless idiot.

would: all facts and “if”s, when not “will”, use “would”
ie. I would feel sorry if you do this. <– hypothetical
ie. My baby would cry/cries every time a stranger takes her. <– fact
ie. I would work Wednesdays, but I’m busy so ….

ie. I should work on Wed, not Thursday or Friday…
ie. I should be at work on Wed, but…
ie. I should be working on Wed …

Speaking exercise

My busy day will end soon.
My busy day will be finished (adj). 
My busy day is almost over.

Thank you for your romantic, it’s a treasured memory I’ll remember forever.
Thank you for your romance/for being romantic, it’s a memory I’ll treasure forever.

It’s the most happy thing to be your girlfriend.
Being your girlfriend is the happiest thing in my life.
Being your girlfriend is the best/happiest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.

Why do you always order steak? Their specialties are crayfish and pirates.

You shouldn’t perceive him as a threat, you guys would make good friends.

I thought about it, I decide to …
I thought about it, I decided against buying it.
I strongly advise against ….

The tickets only can be used on weekends.

My holidays are limited.
My holidays are not that long.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to come back to SH (than to stay overnight in HZ)?
A is cheaper than B. -> isn’t A cheaper than B?
Compared to A, B is cheaper.
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to compare with SH?
Compared to staying in HZ/returning to SH, wouldn’t it be cheaper?

The same level hotel, of course HZ is cheaper than…
For the same level hotels…..
If we’re talking about same level hotels…
HZ’s hotels, of the same level, are of course cheaper than SH’s.

If you travel for one day, it would not be enough.
it would be insufficient.


would = wood

normal = nor+mal