VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


juxtapose: put something beside something to create…. to make some kind of effect../meaning
ie. You should juxtapose my opinion against his.

pattern: tu an
ie. You didn’t do your homework again? It’s becoming a pattern./You not doing your homework(n, S) is becoming a pattern.
ie. You being late is becoming a pattern.

comfort: an wei (v and n)
ie. It’s comforting to know that you remembered something I said, even though you didn’t remember it very correctly.

dignity: zi zun
ie. I lost my dignity by apologizing.

dignify: (v) give something respect
ie. I’m not dignify that with an answer.

insulting: (adj) wu ru de (v and n) insult
ie. I was going to say something insulting.
ie. I was going to give you an insult.

defining: (adj) ding yi (v) define
ie. I don’t think that’s a defining moment in your relationship.
ie. I don’t think that moment should define your entire relationship.

pointless (adj): meaningless
ie. Life is pointless sometimes. Men also.

pros/cons list:
ie. I need to make a pros and cons list to make my decision.

forgo(v): lose track of …
ie. Forgo everything you’ve learned in the past.

accumulate: ji zan
ie. If everything accumulates to a point/an extent that it really matters to me.


“Having said that” -> On the other hand

“meet each other half way”

“I’m not going to dignify that with an answer.”

Speaking exercise

You’re not skinny enough for a 1kg to show.

I don’t think I should let it become a real thing within this year.
I don’t think the wedding would happen this year.
I don’t think I would really do it, at least not this year.

It’s too hot in this room.

I am always getting fatter.
I always get fat under pressure. I always tend to get fatter.

I am a strange person. When I have too much pressure, my sleeping would turn bad.
My body works in strange ways. … my sleeping pattern

My deadline is on June 28th. / is…
I have to finish my project within/in two weeks./before/by June 28

Am I not me today?  – > Am I not my normal self today?
Do I look different today?

The student who just walked out said “it’s still so hard.”
The student who just left said “it’s still so hard.”