VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Write about your biggest strength.

Use the word “correspond”.


a row: yi pai
ie. You’re on a row/a lucky streak!
ie. You have done your hw 3 times in a row.
ie. Students were sitting in a row.
ie. Congratulations on getting so many clients in a row.

continuously: (adv)
ie. It has been raining for five days continuously.
ie. Congrats on your continuous success./closing deals continuously.

a column: yi lie
ie. Make 3 columns on the page.

skim: (v and n) yi diu diu , miao yiyan
ie. I skimmed through the email.
ie. Whole milk taste better than skim/non-fat milk. I like skinny lattes.
ie. Skim a little off the top and he wouldn’t even notice.
ie. Skim a little off their price.

be aware: please be aware of… qing ahi xiao
ie. Please be aware of the upcoming responsibilities before you get a dog.
ie. Please be aware that you will have responsibilities once you get a dog.

consequently/consequence (n) : therefore(adv), hou guo (n)
ie. Be aware of the consequences of entering marriage.
ie. Lung cancer was the consequence of his smoking addiction.

correspondents: tong xin yuan
ie. All the correspondents of this email are Chinese.

correspond: tong xin / yi zhi/dui ying
ie. I’m corresponding with their team right now via Email.
ie. This model corresponds to our future market.

thorough: shen ru, deep
ie. I did a thorough search of my apt and still couldn’t find my headphones.
ie. I need a thorough cleanse(n).


for phrases following a main idea sentence – ing or adv

Stick to your original proposal

bit of + noun
ie. I’m a bit of a lazy ass…

besides: other than that, use it when you want to persuade
ie. It’s OK that I’m not invited to the party. Besides, I don’t wanna go anyway.

including = bao kuo= and etc.

at the cost of sth/sb… = xi sheng le
ie. At the cost of Fran’s time.. Fran
ie. At the cost of efficiency.

Speaking exercise

So they give feedback telling us to re-edit/saying we should re-edit/requesting for re-editing/different versions

You can ask Judy to pay for the extra cost of AC after 6.
You can ask Judy to pay the extra cost of AC after 6./ pay extra for the AC after 6.

I did homework 3 times in a row.


Although i’m a bit of lazy, I’m a person who has genuinely interest in planning and management – Not in others, only myself.
Think back of my life, all the successful achievements are come from fully planning. Weight reduced of 5KG was from a healthy food receipt and regular planned exercises. I followed the plan, to separate the big objective to several small objectives. And achieved the goal in the end. It made a genuinely happiness to me. In this way, i have a real sense of existence.

Although i’m a bit/little lazy/a bit of a lazy ass, I’m (also) an ass who has genuine interest in planning and management – not of others, only myself.
Thinking back on my life/Thinking of my life, all (my) successful achievements come from full/careful/thorough planning. One of my top/biggest achievements – a weight reduction of 5KG/reducing my weight by 5kg/ losing 5kg – was a result of a healthy diet and regular exercise./For example, I lost 5 kg by following a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. I made a resolution and stuck to the plan, dividing the big objective into several small objectives. And I achieved my goal in the end. That/This experience/accomplishment made me genuinely happy./I got a sense of genuine happiness./I was genuinely happy about this accomplishment. In this way, I got/experienced a sense of self-realization./I found a sense of self-worth.