VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Make sentences with the vocab from today. Write about your dream wedding/honeymoon.


touching: 感人

play along: 配合

once-in-a-lifetime: 一生一次的


examplary: 值得仿效的

ethnicity: 人种


appropriate: 合适 合理的

minions: xiao di/ xiao bing

branches: fen zhi

atheist: people who believe in science or things you can touch, see, prove…

climb up the social (corporate) ladder:  working your way up from the bottom

enlightenment (n): qi fa

bald: (adj)tu tou (v) balding ..

remedy: 解药 解决办法
ie. There’s no remedy to balding./becoming bald.

faith:信任 信仰
ie. I have faith in Fran that she will not embarrass me again in front of Jesse.
ie. You should be faithful to your bros.
ie. He is a man with faith. <– religous
ie. Have faith in Fran; she will not ….


I found sth to be ….

I couldn’t care less. – 我超级超级不在乎

supposed- adj, not v

supposedly – adv

as if… jiu xiang
ie. psshhh.. as if I didn’t know that.
ie. as if the marriage only involves me/I were the only person getting married.

Speaking exercise

He told me that West people always do that.
He told me that people from western countries/Westerners always do that.

We took the school bus together.

I thought that he could fight for his bro, but he didn’t./never did./ Supposedly, he was a very tough guy who could fight for is bros. So I thought he was not loyal/faithful to his bros. So we broke up.

… because I read the Bible before. I thought the stories were very enlightening. I found that the friends who in faith of Christianity were very friendly and confident.

…because when I read the Bible before, I found the stories to be very enlightening. found that the stories were very interesting./the Bible stories I’ve read before were very enlightening… I find that my friends who have faith in Christianity are all very kind and confident.

In face of natural disasters, people should band together.