VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


in the wrong: 在错的那一边
ie. You agree that Li was in the wrong, right?

live stream: 直播
ie. I often watch live stream on the computer.

software: ruan jian
ie. Can you install these softwares for me?

hardware: ying jian
ie. I need to upgrade/level-up my hardware.

malware: software with virus, trojan horse
ie. The hacker installed malware on my computer.

malicious:怀有恶意的; 恶毒的
ie. Your thinking is malicious.

graphics: hua mian
ie. This computer game has nice graphics.

minions: xiao bing/follower (xiao di)
ie. The mob king has many minions and they’re very loyal.

single-handedly kill: kill by himself
ie. It’s hard to single-handedly kill another enemy champion.

champion: 英雄
ie. My favorite champion is Dianwei.

distance: 距离
ie. The distance from my home to my school is very far.

influence/affect(v) effect(n):影响
ie. Your environment affects/influences(v) your play (n.).
ie. Your environment has an influence/effect on your play.

enemy: 敌人
ie. I will go beyond enemy lines.

strategy:策略; 计策
ie. Before the game, it’s very important to have a strategy.

hook(v and n): 钩子/钩
ie. Hooking the enemy is very hard.

made-up/invented: 人造的 假造的
ie. 520 is a made-up/invented holiday.

couple:情侣 or two
ie. I’m too young to have a couple.


Does the skin you use have an effect on how well you play?

how so? – > how? why do you say that?

tired vs tiring
-tired: state of feeling… something you feel
-tiring: continuously tiring… something about the character
ie. I think swimming is tiring and boring at the same time.
ie. I feel tired and bored after swimming.


I don’t like to go swimming. It’s very tired.
I don’t like to go swimming. It’s very tiring.

I go to swimming everyday. But it’s not this four months. I think I’m very lazy. We often in the home and we can’t go outside.

He can take one hit, but his minions can take two.

His damage is very high./He can do a very high damage.

His attack distance is very far.