VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


density: 密度
ie. Canada has a very low population density.

pick-up (truck): small truck
ie. The majority of American citizens drives pickups.

remodel: 重新装修

hardware store: 五金店
ie. I need to get some things from the hardware store for remodeling my apartment.

piggy bank: 储钱罐
ie. I had $200 in my piggy bank.

linguistics: 语言学
ie. I studied linguistics at university.

lingo: 术语
ie. He used some professional lingo which I couldn’t understand.

white-supremacist (caucasian):ppl who believe in 白人至上(n)
ie. Some people say Donald Trump is a white-supremacist.

deep-seated: deep foundations
ie. The girl has some deep-seated emotional issues.

butt in: (v) poke their nose
ie. Chinese parents feel like butting in their children’s lives.

minimalistic (adj): minimalism 简单
ie. Ally’s brother is very minimalistic.

discrepancy:difference 差异
ie. There’s a big discrepancy between Chinese and Western culture.

propaganda (n): 宣传; 鼓吹
I thought the only-child policy is just a product of western propaganda.

with an agenda: 有心眼的
ie. She doesn’t love him – she has her own agenda marrying him.

uphold: 支持,维护(正义等); 维持,确认(原判、裁决等)
ie. Soldiers are supposed to uphold a level of integrity.


very less people: very small percentage/minority


case kids

leave live  left


eat(flatter) it

he’s his

food foot too

look Luke