VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


commit: 投入
ie. I am not fooling around anymore; I am in a committed relationship.
ie. I’m committed to work./I’m dedicated (adj) to work.

dedicate: 把…奉献给
ie. The professor dedicated his whole life to scientific research.

fooling around: 混, playful
ie. The children were fooling around and making lots of noise.
ie. She doesn’t plan on marrying him; they’re just fooling around.

cut somebody off:  断绝。。关系(usually financial)
ie. His father cut him off because he won’t break it up with the girl.

phase: 时间段。阶段
ie. Everybody goes through a rebellious phase at 18.

Rebellious: pan ni
ie. Una looks rebellious but she is actually a very sweet girl.

allowance: ling hua qian
ie. He gets a small allowance from his family.

ideal: li xiang
ie. This situation is not ideal, but it’s the reality.

idealistic: 理想主义的

ie. Practical thinking is better than idealistic thinking.
ie. Being practical is better than being idealistic.

ideology: si Xiang , li nian
ie. Democracy is a western ideology.

distinguish: bian bie
ie. You should learn to distinguish a bad guy/playboy.

straight-forward: zhi jie de
ie. We need to be more straight-forward in relationships.

dodgy: 可疑的 闪躲的
ie. She looks very dodgy and suspicious.


让:let or make
ie. Let(yunxu) me tell you something about your boyfriend.
ie. The Chinese government is not letting foreigners into China.
ie. This thing make me feel not good -> This thing doesn’t make me feel good.

have been friends vs became friends

your standard hai-wang(noun)


I think a type of girl don’t have so much relationship with a boy.
I think I’m a type of girl that doesn’t have too many relationships with different boys.

I have a girlfriend. She already stayed in England for about 5 years. Her thinking is still very traditional. Last time we talked about relationship experience, she avoided the question. We are friend about 13 years.
I have a girlfriend who already stayed in England for more than 5 years. Her thinking is still very traditional./Her thinking surprised me./made me feel surprised. Last time, we talked about relationship experience and she avoided my questions./she was dodgy. We have been friends for about 13 years./We have been friends since 13 years ago./We became friends 13 years ago.

Two person we promised. We are partner now.