VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Describe the kind of person you want to be (maybe in 10 years?). You can talk about personality (maybe use some new vocabulary from today?) or your ideal work/life.


glowing: faguangde (adj), nice skin or happy mood
ie. She was practically glowing when talking about her new-born son.
ie. Your skin has been glowing since you bought a new foundation.

foundation: 粉底/根据/ 基金会/地基
ie. The foundation of your project is…
ie. Trust is the foundation of any relationship.

practically: ji hu
ie. This practically is practically finished.

in the bags: na ding le
ie. I’ve got this client in the bags.

practical: xianshi de , shiyong de
ie. This is not a practical solution to your problem; it’s too idealistic.

ideal: lixiang
ie. This would be the ideal outcome.
ie. This is the ideal situation but it won’t turn out like we expected./last long.

idealistic: lixiang zhuyi de
ie. My mom is idealistic.

proactive: 积极主动的
ie. You have to be proactive in work.

advantage: 有利条件; 有利因素; 优势; 优点
ie. We have lots of advantages in this competition.
ie. We have to compare the advantages and disadvantages/weigh the advantages against the disadvantages before we make the decision.

righteousness: zhengyi
ie. Righteousness is a good strength to have in work.
ie. Being righteous is a good strength to have in work.

take advantage of: 利用别人; 占某人的便宜; 有机可乘
ie. There are many opportunities to take advantage of in your job.
ie. You should take advantage of the opportunities in your job.

modest: qian xu (noun: modesty)
ie. He doesn’t need to be modest because everyone knows he’s the best.
ie. Modesty is a very nice concept in Chinese culture.
ie. Being modest…

coordinate: 协调 (noun: coordination)
ie. Being a goalie (守门员)requires good hand-eye coordination.
ie. It’s very hard to coordinate projects between different departments.


do you have a preference?  = do you like one more than the other?
-Yes, I like A more than B…
– No, I don’t care/it doesn’t matter.

stressful: full of stress vs. stressed: I feel stressed
ie. It is too stressful (for me)
ie. I’m stressed.

Ally likes (good, Japanese) food (with lots of flavor…). – simplest sentence
Ally likes food and she likes running./Ally likes food but she hates this restaurant. – compound sentence
– connection words: and, but, because, so, then …
– idea A and idea B: two main verbs
Ally likes food which taste good.  Ally likes to eat wearing baggy clothes. If Ally is hungry, she likes to eat. – complex sentence
– marker words: which, who, where, why, that, when …

some = mou xie
– ie. I really want to go to the party, but I don’t want to piss off(make sb mad) some people.
– ie. I see some children in the park. (counting.. a group of )


I’m not stressful if he go business trip.
I’m not stressed if he goes on a business trip.
My boss’s demands are stressful.

If some brand company ask him show their products, I think maybe he can get benefit.
If a company/brand asks him show their products, I think maybe he can get benefits/benefit (v).


they (not zey)their(not zer) the(not ze)


half an hour