VIP Class Notes (Ally)[R]


Make sentences using the vocabulary from today and the tongue twister vocabulary.


lame:  烂
ie. I’m very disappointed in Fran because she didn’t do her homework. But on the second thought, at least she didn’t give me some lame excuse.

Your dog ate it?:  lame excuse example expression

douchebag: 人渣 for guys

severe: serious,但是形容坏的

liquified: adj

thick:  浓稠
ie. This pumpkin soup is very thick.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas:  在X发生的事情都是秘密

trademark:标志 也可以是adj

hillbilly: 村儿的 也可以是noun

tendency:  noun, 倾向 偏向

tend: 偏向于 verb

ambition: 野心

intention/intent: 目的

intend: verb

mansion: 豪宅

playing me: 玩我 耍我

snobbish: 装X的


varied various variety vary:不同 多种类
ie. He varies from the rest of his class because he is so tall.

Speaking exercise

From the aspect of the language system, Australia has a tendency to lean towards the UK.

What’s the difference of intentions between speaking class and reading class?
What are the different intentions between speaking and reading class?


Are you one of those people who find=think the world of Western classical music a bit snobbish and inaccessible? The Proms – or the BBC Promenade Concerts to give the world’s largest music festival its full name – might help you change your mind.

For eight weeks every summer, the Royal Albert Hall in London opens its doors to all-comers and puts on a music show that is varied and wide-ranging. Some music lovers want to get as close as possible to the conductor. They are happy to stand up to listen to orchestras and soloists playing symphonies, overtures and concertos by the world’s top composers – all for just £5.

to be cont‘d

The festival has been going since 1895 and has always tried to be informal and relatively cheap. The Prommers – the classical music groupies who like to stand – typify this relaxed ethos. Before performances, they shout out jokes and every time the lid of the piano is lifted they shout “heave” in unison.

One of the highlights of the Proms is the Last Night, which has a worldwide screening. Popular classics are played while the Prommers wave flags and sing along to the catchy tunes. The Last Night is so popular with audiences that a ballot has to be held – several months in advance – so that everyone who wants a ticket has a chance of getting one. But it has been criticised by some for being too British and jingoistic.

In recent years the Proms have grown so that they now include simultaneous screenings in other British cities, lunchtime concerts, talks, children’s Proms, film and rock music, musicals, Indian classical music, and even tunes from the BBC series “Dr Who”. The expanding offer is proving popular with audiences old and new. Perhaps classical music isn’t quite so elitist, after all.


presentation – not preesentation

men-tion man-sion

ban ben bin bean be-ing

can ken kin keen king

bad bed bid bead


sense since scenes sings

I can sense that since 1959, the scenes on which the girls sings haven’t changed.