VIP Class Notes (Ally)


Know the vocab!


eavesdrop: (v)tou ting
ie. Ally eavesdropped on Fran’s con-call with her boss.

TGIF: Thank god it’s Friday

field: chang di
ie. There a big farming/farm field just outside the town.

egotistical: (adj) self-centered, conceited, arrogant
ie. Donald Trump is an egotistical man.

ego: (n) self-worth
ie. Matthew has a huge ego.
ie. Matthew’s ego prevents him from apologizing even when he’s wrong.

artificial: (adj)ren gong de
ie. Artificial intelligence is very important for our future life.

beings: existence
ie. Human beings are very complex.

innately: yu sheng ju lai
ie. Human nature is innately conflicted.

“dirty laundry”/”skeletons in your closet” : jian bu de ren de shi

gold-digger: bai jin nv


entitled: think they have privileges (n) entitlement
ie. White entitlement is a very real problem in the US.

aftermath/fall-out: hou xu of a bad situation
ie. The PR firm is responsible for controlling the fall-out.
ie. FEMA went in to deal with the aftermath of the storm.

cutthroat:(adj)  hen de , 残酷的, emotionless
ie. Who’s going to come up on top in this cutthroat competition?

eclectic: different, weird taste (adj)
ie. Ally has a very eclectic music taste and Matthew has a very eclectic taste for hats.

tie-dye: zha ran

attachment: (concept) 依恋
ie. Ally didn’t believe in attachment/getting attached to things/objects.

epiphany: sudden realization of life
ie. Matthew had an epiphany this morning when he heard the TV show host died.


“in town/out of town”
ie. My boss is only in town for 2 weeks.
ie. He’s out of town for a business trip.

high: for things above us, not on the ground ie. positions, shelf, cupboard
tall: for things on the ground ie. buildings, people, hats

Speaking exercise

She always goes home earlier than me.
Every time I go home, she is already there.

It’s a commercial to make/encourage…to people donate to their cause/initiative.


I think most of the clients are not very easygoing.