VIP Class Notes (Ally)

Today we focused on:

Today we learned how to tell time and the names of different zoo animals.


a lot = hen duo
ie. Does it hurt a lot?
ie. Drink a lot of water and you will feel better.

minutes: fenzhong

coconut: ye zi

milk tea: nai cha

panda: xiong mao

monkey: hou zi

zebra: ban ma

giraffe: chang jing lu

tiger: lao hu

lion: shizi

ostrich: tuo niao

camel: luo tuo

elephant: da xiang

hippo: he ma

zoo: dong wu yuan

ie. At the zoo, I saw a panda, a monkey, a zebra, a giraffe, a tiger, a lion, an ostrich, a camel, an elephant, and a hippo.


What time is it? xian zai ji dian le?
4:00 – It is four o’clock.
7:30 – It is seven o’clock.
4:30 – It is four-thirty/it is half past four.
5:00- It is five o’clock.
9:30- It is nine-thirty/it is half past nine.
10:15- It is ten-fifteen
10:45- It is ten forty-five/it is a quarter to eleven.
12:00 – It is twelve o’clock/it is noon
2:30 – It is two thirty/it is half past two.
3:30- It is three thirty/it is half past three.
11:45-It is eleven forty-five/it is a quarter to twelve.
11:55- It is eleven fifty-five/it is 5 minutes to twelve.
8:55 – It is eight fifty-five/it is 5 minutes to nine.
6:45- It is six forty-five/it is a quarter to seven.
5:30- It is five-thirty/it is half past five.


What is your favorite drink? I like strawberry milk, banana milk, and chocolate milk. I like all kinds of milk.

Do you drink milk tea everyday? No, not everyday. I rarely drink milk tea.

Are you cold? I don’t cold  I’m not cold.

What is your favorite animal? I like cats. I don’t like dogs because they are stinky.