VIP Class Notes (Ally) [S]


fuzzy: mo hu
ie. The grammar (which)you taught me last time is still fuzzy.

emphasis(n) emphasize(v): zhong dian
ie. The parents who have little kids should emphasize the importance of pronunciation.
ie. Parents with little kids should place emphasis on the importance of pronunciation.

anorexia(n) anorexic(adj): yan shi zheng
ie. The girl who we shot yesterday is anorexic.
ie. The girl we shot yesterday suffers from anorexia.

formula: (n) gongshi , nai fen (adj)formulaic
ie. The way (which) Chinese students learn English is formulaic.

stereotype: ke ban yin xiang
ie. The stereotype that Asians are good at math is a Western idea.

lingo: shu yu
ie. There is a lot of lingo in business English.

defeated: bei da bai de
ie. You shouldn’t feel defeated because this is a grammar that takes a long time to learn.


Q word: who, wha …

order of the words in grammar:
– time: go before or after SVO, not in the middle
– long adjs: say the noun you want to describe first

verbs: don’t put them side by side
ie. was looks <– wrong
ie. was looking <— verb tense *correct
ie. had been <— tense
ie. hope to see <— special sentence format
ie. like eating <— eating becomes a noun-verb <– noun

of: de
ie.  ‘s, his/her/our…, adj, adj phrases, of

adjective phrase: put it after whatever noun you’re trying to describe
– still in the correct grammar

two time periods in one sentence; separate them

There are many tall buildings in SH.
– to have: yong you (be careful of what a city/country can yongyou)


I will see the boy who is you last time mentioned it at 9.
Tonight at 9, I will see the boy who you mentioned/said was hot last time.

Judy told me last time just interview of the teacher …
Judy told me last time the teacher who she interviewed last time/was just here for an interview is hot.

The boy who walked past/by was looks like your ex-boyfriend.
The boy who walked past looks like your ex.

The book is attracted to me.
The book attracts me.
I’m attracted to the book.

We want our products to be attractive to consumers.
We want our models to be tall and beautiful.

To do this is difficult.
It is difficult.
Doing this is difficult.

The project was bad.
I feel that you did project last time is bad.
I feel that the project(which) you did last time is bad.

The girl who is wearing red is beautiful.
The girl wearing red is beautiful.

Why didn’t you send the email which told you write it yet?
Why didn’t you send the email I told you to write yet?

The influencer you contacted yesterday is not here yet.
Why is the influencer you contacted yesterday not here yet?


mind = MY+N+D