VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


surpass: chao yue
ie. I surpassed Francis in the pronunciation area./in my English pronunciation.

trite: negative
ie. Hemingway’s poems are always so trite.
ie. The film “Lao Pao” directed by ZYM/by ZYM is very trite.

poach: wa jiao
ie. The other company tried to poach me.
ie. I will work here unless a big company poaches me.

sayings (jin ju)/motto(really important): ge Yan
ie. My saying/work motto is “hard work is driven by large money.”

psychology: Xin li xue

physiology: wu li xue
ie. I double-majored in psychology and physiology.

in the talks/in the works:  still in …
ie. Our deal is still in the talks/in the works.

counseling: zi xun
ie. Going to counseling is very important when you feel confused.
ie. It’s very important to go to counseling when you feel confused.

hypnosis (noun): cui mian
ie. She went under hypnosis in her therapist’s office.

self-isolate(v): zi wo ge li
ie. I had to stay in self-isolation for 14 days when I came back SH.

quarantine: ge li
ie. Lots of people in Wuhan had to go under quarantine.

sexist/racist: qi shi (xingbie. zhongzu)
ie. Donald Trump is both sexist and racist.

deal-breaker: (noun) something important that breaks the deal
ie. The company wanted her, but her tardiness(late-ness) was a deal breaker.

abbreviation: suo xie
ie. Matthew was going to tell me a specific term, but he forgot the correct abbreviation.

done deal: (the reward/the prize)it’s in the bags
ie. Don’t worry about it; it’s a done deal./it’s in the bags.

mitigated: huan jie
ie. Because the virus has been mitigated, the economy bounced back.


We live an hour away from Seattle.


same hard as yesterday
(a day that’s) as hard as yesterday

Everyday when I woke up, the works comes to me, one after another. You will never/have been never done it before that.

Everyday when I wake up, the work comes to me/finds me, one after another. The work can never be done/finished. I can never see the end.

The situation in China has been huan jie. So we go to company everyday as usual, like last year.  Many new products will be launched in this year.

The situation (of the virus) in China has been mitigated/controlled/is under control. So we go to work everyday as usual, just like previous years.

This let me feel no meaning of life.
This lets me feel that there’s no meaning to life./life has no meaning.

I used to want to go to Urum’qi, but I heard that when you get off plane. You will have to be stay in one place for 14 days.
I wanted to go to Urum’qi for Labor Day holidays, but I heard that when you land/get off-board, you have to self-isolate for 14 days.


ban ben bin bean being -> keep practicing; open your mouth wider for ban

eat it

leave live