VIP Class Notes (Ally)


make example sentences for all new vocabulary!


degrading: wu ru ren de

abbreviation: suo xie

multiculturalism: duo wenhua

Caucasian: bai ren

outspoken: changkai yanlun de

radical: jijin

tension: jinzhang

Hispanics: from Latin-America

bronze skin: gutongse pifu

African-Americans/African-Canadians: hei ren

politically-correct: zhengzhi zhengque

directory: map (often of a shopping mall)


Do you enjoy working? Does the prospect of a day in the office fill you with excitement or dread? And when you’re at your desk do you spend your time clock-watchinglonging for the moment when it’s time to switch off your computer and head for home? For some of us, we start the working week on Monday and count the days until Friday when the weekend begins and we have a break from the daily grind. But does it have to be this way?

Hopefully, working brings us some pleasure. And there’s the chance of career development and a pay rise. But surely there is a life outside the office to be enjoyed. And if life is for living, then maybe we should get on living it! Maybe that’s why some people are questioning whether a five-day working week is right for employees and employers alike?

It’s something BBC journalist, Ashitha Nagesh has been investigating. She’s said although technology is supposed to make our working lives easier, giving us more leisure time, “tech has arguably had the opposite effect – it’s enabled an ‘always-on’ culture that means even when you go home, the work doesn’t stop.” It seems we need to do something to find a better work-life balance.


practice pronunciation of underlined words.