VIP Class Notes (Ally)

Today we focused on:



cereal:玉米片(cold milk)

oatmeal:麦片 (add milk or water and 煮熟hot)
ie. I would like to eat cereal but not oatmeal.

bacon:培根, pork(肥的) slices(片)

mineral water:矿泉水
ie. I want some mineral water and bacon.

ie. I know a few people at school.

mobile (phone): 移动(手机)

address: 地址

information: 信息
ie. I have my address and other information on my mobile phone.

hometown: 老家 故乡
ie. My mom’s hometown is Chengdu.

competition: 比赛
ie. I won the swimming competition.

market: 市场
ie. You can buy many things from the market.

department store: 商场
ie. A department store has lots of brands.

jeans: 牛仔裤

trainers: 有鞋带的鞋/运动鞋
ie. He is wearing blue jeans and black trainers.


“would like”
– politely ask for something “想要” 。。“给我一个”。。。
ie. I would like a cup of water.

“how much”
– means price: how much is the pencil?How much does it cost?
– means 多少:how much did you eat yesterday?

“what time” = when
– when you use “when”, don’t use “time” again
ie. When does the competition start time -> When does the competition start/ What time does the competition start?


Q: How often do you go shopping for clothes? Do you like it? Why?
A: I go shopping once a week. Yes, I do. Because there are many things.
A: I go shopping once a week. Yes, I do/Yes, I like shopping. I like shopping because there are many things I want to buy.

Q: What do you usually wear at the weekend? to school? at home?
A: I wear jacket usually at the weekend. I wear sweater to school. I wear short at home.
A: I usually wear a jacket at the weekend. I wear sweaters to school. I wear shirts at home.

Q: What is your best friend wearing today?
A: My best friend wear the blue jacket today.
A: My best friend is wearing the blue jacket today.


shirt(sh-ert) vs short(shu-ort)

cereal (C-RI-O)