VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Make sentences with the new vocabulary from today


slang: 俚语

plagiarism: copy someone else’s work without permission 抄袭; 剽窃; 剽窃作品;

plagiarize: verb


walk-in closet:衣帽间

regroup/rejuvenate: 重新准备出发,重新使得年轻有活力




uproot:将…连根拔起; (使)离开家园(或熟悉的地方等) ;


outside-the-box: not common, not obeying the rules

in someone’s shoes: 从他的角度考虑问题


I advise(v) her to study with a tutor.
It is my advise(n) that she studies with a tutor.

have – 拥有
ie. SH has tall buildings – There are tall buildings in SH.
ie. My company has lots of opportunities – There are lots of opportunities in my company.

talent vs natural ability
talent: 天赋, more for arts (music, design, 艺术类的,偏的field)
natural ability: 基本能力, ability to learn, to memorize stuff quickly etc.

Speaking exercise

It’s very coincidence I’m also immigration to Canada. It’s on the process.

It’s very coincidental that/it’s so happens that/It’s such a (happy) coincidence that/I’m also planning my immigration to Canada/I’m also planning to immigrate to Canada/I’m in the process of planning my immigration to Canada. It’s in the process/ in progress.

He will be very happy if you can step/think in his shoes.

We all think American has the better facilities for education.
We all agree there are better education facilities in America.


says: ses