VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Make sentences with the vocal from today. Be careful of tense.


what the xxxx (heck, hell, fxxx): 随便他了/不管他了… 去他的…去tmd


broke down:自己坏了(状态)

emphasis(emphasize): 强调
ie. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of grammar!

philosophy (n adj): 哲学

intact: 完整,完好无损

religion: 信仰/宗教

religious: 有信仰的

faith: 信仰、信心
ie. Fran, I know this test is difficult, but I have faith in you.

cope with (the situation):对付(not very good、comfortable)

disposable: 可以被抛弃的(adj)

dispose (of): 抛弃(v)
ie. It’s very hard to dispose of your garbage in SH.

trash/rubbish/garbage: 垃圾

swear: 发誓



stunning(v adj):极美(很有存在感的美),比beautiful美 。。。。 令人惊奇万分的; 令人震惊的

mesmerizing(v adj):使人昏迷的,迷惑的

gorgeous:非常漂亮的; 美丽动人的; 令人愉快的; 绚丽的; 灿烂的; 华丽的;



Tense: 时态
Things to consider when choosing the correct tense:
1. 事实/词义
ie. My dad was a teacher. -> 他现在不是了 但是曾经是
ie. My dad was a college graduate. -> 他是个大学毕业生 他去世了
– other supporting words to tell the truth: still, used to … often for emphasis
– think about the time you’re speaking, in relation to the time the verb happened
– the verb的meaning
i.e. clean/cleaning
The room has been clean(adj) for two weeks, but you came and now it’s a mess.
The room has been cleaned constantly by us for two weeks, so you can move in now.
The room was cleaned(v) two weeks ago, so you can move in now.
I have been cleaning the room for two weeks.

2. other time words in the sentence, any new time words that changes tense?
ie. Sunday, last week, next year, in a few days, for 4 hours …

Will vs would
ie. I will come to work on Monday.
ie. I would come to work on Mondays.

Speaking exercise

Lots of science people are religious.
Lots of scientists/people who study science are religious/have faith.

I used to use monthly or even annually-disposable contacts

It’s incredible for me that he has a girlfriend. I think he would like boys. I don’t think it’s the truth.
It’s incredible to me (not to others) that he had a girlfriend. I thought he likes boys.  I can’t believe it!/I don’t think it’s true./I still can’t believe it!/I could’ve sworn that he was gay.
It’s incredible for you (happened to you) to lose 10 kgs in one month!