VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Make sentences with the new vocabulary from today.


inherit: 继承
ie. I inherited The Force from Skywalker.

ie. How much is your inheritance?
ie. The inheritance I got from Skywalker is The Force.

stereotype: 刻板印象(特定的某种)
ie. Americans always have the stereotype of Muslims that they are dangerous.
ie. Americans have the dangerous stereotype that blacks are always up to no good.
dangerous stereotype of xxxx: xxxx的stereotype是危险的
stereotype that xxx is dangerous: xxx是危险的 -》 这是一个刻板印象

ie. Muslims pose a stereotypical danger in American society.
ie. It’s stereotypical for Americans to think of Muslims as dangerous.

fanatic(n and adj): 狂热分子/狂热
ie. You are a Harry Potter fanatic.
ie. You are fanatic about Harry Potter.

preconception: 事先形成的观念; 先入之见; 成见
ie. Forming preconceptions is not a good way to learn new things.


looks up to:佩服 仰望

outdated、outmoded:过时的 不再true的



non-fiction (adj):真实的书 只有事实的书


touched、moved: 感动的

break:打碎 破坏

breakdown:分解,解析。。。(自己)坏(broke down)

break up:分手


the force
“the force” = something in a movie or film or something that’s not real
The Force = anything that very specific or not very common


For creative things on DY, usually has a team that manages your account, prepare the strategy, and content pillars

To be successful on DY/To produce creative content on DY,  you usually have a team that manages your account and prepares the strategy and content pillars.

Successful vloggers on DY usually have a team that manages your account and prepares the strategy and content pillars. .