VIP Class Notes (Ally)


Make 2-3 sentences for each new vocabulary from today. Try to use different forms of each word.


improvement: 提升(名词)
ie. My English improvement is slow.

ability: 能力

disable:使丧失能力; 使伤残; 使无效; 使不能运转;

disabled people/people with special needs:残疾人/特殊需求的人

efficiency/efficient: 效率

recommendation letter: 推荐、信(名词)

upset(v,adj): 使心烦意乱
ie. Too much work upsets me. (v)
ie. The news of her ex-boyfriend’s marriage makes her upset. (adj)


SVO – Subject Verb Object

的: 形容词, ‘s (拥有),of (也可以作为拥有/长的形容)

x of y: y的x
ie. Map of China -> 中国的地图
This map of China is very expensive.
Can you draw a map of China?

The standard of wedding meals in Wenzhou is very high.


I hope I can improve my work skills/ability. -> more specific, such as efficiency
I hope I can make an improvement at work.

Our company established on 1971, maybe.
Our company was established in 1971, maybe.
Our CEO and COO established this company together in 1971, maybe.

Our company establishment was in 1971, maybe.
The establishment of our company was in 1971, maybe.

Your work position adjustment makes me worried/troubled/upset.
The adjustment of your work positions makes me worried.