VIP Class Notes (Ally)


discomfort(noun): un-comfortable-ness
ie. We are truly sorry if we have brought/caused any discomfort to you./We are truly sorry/apologize for any discomfort.

coast: sailing without using sails
ie. I just coast to my success somehow.

epiphany: 顿悟, sudden realization
ie. I came to an epiphany about life and men just now.

fib (noun): white lie
ie. Sometimes, it’s polite to tell a fib.

rainier cherries: yellow cherries
ie. Ally prefers rainier cherries more than red ones.

insinuate: an shi
ie. He insinuated that we should leave the room.
ie. What is your insinuation by saying this?/What do you insinuate?

celibacy: refraining from sexual activity
ie. British priests are/stay celibate/practice celibacy.
ie.  My college boyfriend and I made a vow of celibacy before marriage.

on a high horse: gao ren yi deng
ie. Feminists judge their critics from their high horses.
ie. Joanna, get off your high horse and stop judging me!

dabble: 涉猎; 涉足; 浅尝; 玩水; 嬉水
ie. Joanna haven’t decided on what she wants to study; she is dabbling in different classes and majors.

in a heartbeat: right away
ie. Prince Harry asked me to marry him; I said yes in a heartbeat.
ie. I saw a classic Chanel bag on sale; I grabbed it in a heartbeat.


content vs happy
Content is not about laughter or a temporary feeling, it is more a state of being.

cheat vs trick vs lie vs fib
I think all men are gonna cheat.
He is being mischievous by tricking all of us.
She was lying about her educational background.
She told us a fib just to comfort us.