VIP Class Notes (Ally) [R]

Next Class Focus

ing vs ed

more on phrases


Write ten REAL sentences using phrases.


groceries (only in plural): things you buy at the supermarket (fruits, shampoo…)

across from: 对面

avocado: 牛油果

silver: 银色

bronze: 古铜色 铜色


penalized(penalty): 惩罚

prevalent: wide-spread

shameless: bu Yao face

predict(make a prediction): yu ce

previous: that came before

assertiveness(assert): zhu dong xing

ie. assert male power

shrink: suo Xiao
ie. My clothes shrunk after my mom put them in the dryer.

mental: having to do with the mind
ie. She plays like a mentally-disabled person.

overcome: 捱过 克服(接一个不好的词)
ie. It’s hard to overcome your/one’s fears.

ie. I don’t like being rejected because I am a Leo.
ie. I can’t face rejection/being rejected because …

ie. Kayla made me disappointed because she didn’t know the meaning of this word.
ie. Kayla disappointed me because…
ie. Kayla was disappointment because…


We have four days of classes per month. = counting
ie. I bought three bags of groceries.

We had our last class of the year. = 的

adj phrase:

The girl who sits across from me is pretty. (The girl usually sits across from me)
The girl (who is) sitting across from me is pretty. (..sitting right now)

The young man graduated from Japanese university is my new boss.
The young man who graduated from a Japanese university is my new boss.

The new bag I bought is a basket in avocado green with a silver chain.
The new bag I bought is an avocado green basket.

The house he just/recently bought/he bought recently has a big bathroom with lots of pretty lights.


Researchers have been trying to understand why narcissism appears to be more prevalent in areas such as politics, social media and celebrity culture and why narcissists’ shameless, over-confident attitude seems to be rewarded rather than penalized.

V= (have been) trying (to understand)
O= the rest

It does seem that they have the best of all worlds, which is not great news for shrinking violets. And there’s more bad news for those who are shy and retiring: previous research by Queen’s University has also found that a ‘mental toughness’ helps narcissists succeed at work and in their social lives because they can overcome rejection and disappointment. And other tests have found that narcissistic students do better in exams, not because they are more clever, but because of their confidence and assertiveness.

to be cont‘d:

But psychologist Dr Kostas Papageorgiou from the research team argues that these personality traits should not be seen as “either good or bad” but as “products of evolution” and “expressions of human nature”. So, at the end of the day, we are what we are, and that’s just something we can’t change.