VIP Class Notes (Ally)[S]


ghost writer: someone who writes essays for others
ie. She was a ghost writer for the famous novelist.

catalyst: 催化剂
ie. In order to expedite the chemical reaction, add a catalyst.

ie. I don’t understand the lingo of astronomy.

pot and kettle: 半斤八两, comes from the common expression”pot calling the kettle black”
ie. Our levels of knowledge on psychology are pot and kettle.
ie. For you to call me a legal dummy is like “pot calling the kettle black.”

alumni: past校友
ie. Yaoming is my alumni.

hillbilly(noun and adj):村民from Southern America
ie. Blake Shelton has a hillbilly accent when he sings his country tunes.

outliers: 异类; 异常值
ie. There are several outliers in this data.

synopsis:简介of movie/trailer
ie. I have read the synopsis for this movie, but I haven’t seen it yet.

charismatic: 有领袖气质的
ie. Obama and Trudeau are very charismatic leaders.

eclectic:weird/varied/all over the place
ie. Joanna has a very eclectic taste in movies and music.


My brother’s mandarin level: he can understand just enough to misunderstand.