VIP Class Notes (Ally)


The difference between the population of China and that of(plural: those of) Mexico


Wrong sentence:

More people choose to study abroad. On the contrary, students returning to their home countries after graduation have been dropping.

People say/The common perception/A stereotypical thinking is that more people choose to study abroad. On the contrary, more students like to study in their home countries.

More people choose to study abroad. However/in contrast, students returning to their home countries after graduation have been dropping.

-> “in contrast”= comparison, “on the contrary”= idea before is incorrect, idea after is important/correct.

We should take action to recycle our household wastes. On the one hand, it protects our environment. On the other hand, it saves resources.
It protects our environment, while/at the same time/simultaneously saving resources/and/not only does it protect our environment, it also saves resources.

-> “One hand.. other hand” means “left hand versus right hand”… contradicting ideas

At last, I strongly believe the government should take steps to prevent the environment from being polluted.
In conclusion, All in all, Ultimately, finally … 

->”At last” does not = “in conclusion”, it means after a lot of hard work/overcoming obstacles, you arrive at some destination.

Environmental pollution has become very serious. Besides, all foods are at risk of getting contaminated.
Environmental pollution has become very serious. In fact (can also use so…that ..)/because of this/and, all foods are at risk of getting contaminated.

->”Besides” – adding extra information. ie. I want to go to the party because A, B, and C. Besides, it’s Friday and I have nothing to do.

Nobody can fully experience another person’s feelings. Moreover, we all have our own particular passions from which we take pleasure.
“and”, “as”/”because”
-> “Moreover” use for entirely new idea, not for small switch.

First and foremost, school education should be collaborative.
-> too much emphasis, just use “firstly” “first of all”.

People are more independent these days and cannot count on their relatives as much as they used to. On the other hand, this can cause problems.

-> “On the other hand” marks the beginning of an opposite idea. This is not an opposing idea.

To make writing cohesive/ “flow”: old -> new information, use some words/IDEAS from the sentences before

  1. Repeating key words
  2. Using synonyms
  3. Changing the part of speech
  4. Using pronouns
  5. This/these +summary phrase
  6. Using transition words

Repeating key words:
1. I was born in Jinan. The largest city in SD is Jinan. -> I was born in Jinan, which is the largest city in SD. -> I was born in Jinan. Jinan is the largest city in SD, and it is……

2. In the past years, as many as 65 different classification systems have been developed to define leaderships. One such classification system is …

*maybe for intro, start with something general, then use this sentence format “one of … one such…” to go specific -> your thesis.

Using synonyms/words with close relationship/meaning:
1. The interrelation of the currents and voltages between all electrodes is hard to define. These relationships …..
2. The rapid development of technology has had a defining influence on people’s lives. These new scientific breakthroughs/internet sensations/Our modern lifestyle/Our current way of life

Changing part of speech:
1. She graduated from Peking University in 1994. After her graduation ….
2. Since the 20th century, scientific technology has been rapidly developing. Since these developments/Thanks/due to these developments…/ ….. caused by these developments/ These new technology breakthroughs are not without their price.

Using pronouns:
1. Since the 20th century, scientific technology has been rapidly developing. It is unfortunately not without its price.

This/these+summary phrase:
1. Since the 20th century, scientific technology has been rapidly developing. This rapid development has had a huge influence on our lives.
2. This is case….
3. In this case…
4. From this aspect…


如今, 人们越来越意识到A的必要性
Nowadays, people have more awareness of the significance of A.
More people are becoming aware of the significance/importance of A.
Now there is a growing awareness/recognition of the significance/necessity of A.

Since the past ten years, there has been a dramatic change in A.
In the past ten years, dramatic changes have taken place in A.

Recently, there is a intense/heated debate/discussion about whether it is necessary to A..

There is a public debate/controversy/discussion on the issue of A. In my opinion/personally, I believe

It is a stereotypical thinking that A, but I doubt/think…
Nowadays, it is commonly/widely/generally believed/thought/held that… but in my opinion…

A may be further supported the fact that B…

However, why is A important/indispensable/necessary?

It is necessary to pay greater attention to A because


Besides/in addition/Apart from this, other ways/another way/aspect/function/method
A is but one of many effects, another is..
Another equally important aspect is…
Closely connected with/related to/associated with this factor is …

In spite of/despite all the difficulty…

For years, A have been viewed as … but people are taking a fresh look now.
Some people claim/argue that.. but more often than not/actually/when actually the opposite/reverse is true.


It is no easy task to identify the reasons for this phenomenon which involves several complicated factors. Certainly, … is not the sole reason … .. is also responsible for change/problem.

Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that..

Recognizing these factors leads me to believe..

These evidence supports/confirms/leads us to the conclusion that..

Based on…

To sum up…