VIP Class Notes (Ally)


permanent: yong jiu de

under consideration: zai kao lv

proud of: jiao ao de

imitate: mo fang

artistic: yishu de

annoying: fan

fob: fresh off the boat

max out credit cards:

get by: sheng huo (no luxury)

a front: men mian

blush: (n)sai hong (v) lian hong

built: gu jia

exquisite: jing zhi


1970 : people who are born in 1970s


Have you ever gone out without putting your face on? Whether it’s a dash of foundation or a full application of lipstick, blush or mascara, many would consider make-up essential before being seen. According to a survey by Fragrance Direct, a leading UK beauty retailer, the average UK woman uses twelve beauty products in their beauty regime daily – that’s approximately £500 spent annually. But behind the monetary cost lies another, and it’s one that many consumers may not know about.