VIP Class Notes (Ally)


Finish your homework from last class!!!!  Make 2 sentences each using the new vocabulary from this class.

Needs more review

It depends my work time, if my work time is very long I can’t play computer games, if I work off I play computer games maybe all day, maybe half of day.

It depends on my work time. If I have a busy work day/if I work long hours/if I have work all day, then I can only play for a short amount of time/I can’t play at all. If I have work off/if I don’t have work/if I’m not working that day/if I don’t have a work day, I would play all day, or maybe half-a-day.

He did a very good job/he did very well/ he did very nicely: 他做得很好


server: 服务器/服务员 (also try service… serve… etc.)

narcissism: 自恋症

laid-back: relaxed, not busy