VIP Class Notes (Ally)


lax : not strict

mandatory: not up to choice/forced

fruitful: hen duo guo zi <>fruitless
ie. My hard work was fruitful; I finally got to LJQ’s team.

self-centered: you are the center of the universe

spark: initiated/started/kick off

perceptive/observant: insightful, can take hints quickly

prison: jail

embezzle: move company money to yourself

horizontal: heng zhe
horizon: di ping xian
vertical: shu zhe de (adj)
longitude and latitude: GPS lines
disclose: tell 揭露 (ex. non-disclosure agreement = bao mi)
tier: level/class
ie. First tier cities
anime: Japanese cartoons
comics: man hua
guarded: defensive/careful
prized: treasured
intricate: lots of details/complicated
feminist: nv quan (n) feminism
ageist: discriminate based on age
presentable: neng jian ren de


“upfront about it” – stay true to it/show it/don’t cover it

“pleasing to the eyes/ears” …

“tell on”
ie. Lily stop bothering me or I’ll tell on you to Judy.

for show – xiu

“rich man’s justice” – only rich people can get good lawyers-> get good sentence

“take a hint” – he’s not very observant/doesn’t know what I’m implying

“hit it off” – yi pai ji he

“not up to” – could decide
ie. Your salary is not up to me.
ie. If it were up to me, I would get 100K each month.

unhonest – dishonest

“is a pain the ass”

“pay the consequences”

taking things for granted – not cherish/think something is reasonable
ie. You shouldn’t take other people’s kindness for granted.

Speaking exercise

Have you ever been cooped up?

Unless you prefer the dishonest passive aggressive way to dealing with problems, I will be straight forward.

Matthew’s passive-aggressiveness(n)/pa-attitude annoys me./is a pain in my ass.

We must demonstrate that aggression/the aggressive approach(n) will not be fruitful.

She was getting the encourage to approach him when he called her up.

You are entitled to rule the people in this class.
You are entitled to/have entitlement to basic human rights.
You are entitled. (not appreciative, not thankful, thinking that the world revolves around them)

Many will regard his appointment as nepotism.

The darkness makes you feel disoriented.

A boss who is detail-oriented would expect his employees to be so/the same as well.
… would expect perfection from his employees.

We have to consider the situation/fact that the number may be/is/would be between the minimum and maximum.

warm-hearted personal customer service
VIP exclusive CS

Public shaming is one of the ways to kill your soul./murder someone internally/emotionally.

What your true colors are is a mystery./Your true colors are a mystery.

I don’t want to tell/disclose my ideas to others.

On behalf of my govt, I am honored to convey the following content: ….

He is a laugh. <– He’s a joke
He’s laughing as usual.

Q: What’s the most prized piece in your collection?
A: The newest one. Joffrey… with his sword and his crown. I can move his body to some movements. It’s about 30 cm.
A: I can move him around/move his body around to different positions. It’s about 30 cm tall.

Power to destroy/to ruin is also power.

If you’re still a junior guy/an amateur(noob/newbie) in the industry, maybe no companies would hire/want you.

I will hire the guy with multi-task skills, detail-orientation skills, and good looks


appointment – “yint”