VIP Class Notes (Ally)


diagnosed: from a doctor
ie. I am diagnosed with eczema.

at ease: relaxed
ie. I am at ease after drinking lots of coke.

excused/exempt from class: don’t have to come to class
ie. I’m excused from PE class because I broke my leg.

blood transfusions: transfer of blood from another person
ie. It’s stupid to refuse a blood transfusion when you need one.

breeze: wei feng
ie. A soft breeze blew across the lake.

climate change: global warming
ie. The climate change is a huge global problem.

beyond hope: there’s no hope
ie. You are beyond hope because you’re too lazy.

carbon footprint: air pollution caused by humans
ie. Humans shouldn’t leave a large carbon footprint.

aviation: having to do with flying, wings, birds etc.
ie. The aviation industry has expanded rapidly.


Repeatedly washing your hands and too much attention to detail are signs of OCD.

I believe in this theory since I read this book.
I’ve come to believe in this theory after I read this book./After reading this book, I came to the belief that the BBT is true.


For many people, flying is a great way to move quickly and easily from place to place. There are now four billion passengers flying every year. The aviation industry has expanded massively in recent years, with the growth of budget airlines opening up new destinations which we can now reach for peanuts! But this worldwide appetite for travel comes at a price – it’s increasing carbon emissions, which is harming the planet we want to explore.