VIP Class Notes (Alex)


content 内容

Online content is very important for my company

function = what you can use something for

a phone has many functions, you can use it for calling people, for texting, for surfing the internet…

value 价值

This bracelet is not expensive but it has a lot of value to me because my mother gave it to me

bracelet 手链

creative 有创意

I want to do more creative things in my work, I want to be more creative

history = what happened in the past

China has 5000 years of history

art museum 

The museum of Orsay is my favorite art museum

café = a place to sit and have a drink

Paris has many cafés

The Eiffel Tower

Before I went to Paris, I thought the Eiffel Tower was very cliché

cliché 俗气 / 俗套

I think some LV bags are very cliché

the surroundings of... = what is around something

I think the surroundings of the Pompidou art center are very interesting

French = from France / or the language 法语

French is very hard to understand

A.C. (air conditionner) 空调

shocked 惊讶

I was shocked that there was no A.C. in the hotel in France

pickpocket 小偷

Paris has many pickpockets

delicate 精致

French people like delicate things

warm / warm-hearted 热情

I think people in Berlin are very warm-hearted


one year one or two times – once or twice a year

very + adj. (quick) OK

+ adv. (quickly) OK

+ verb 动词 Not OK

Really + adj. / adv. / verb 都可以