VIP Class Notes (Alex)


This area before was highly radioactive but now after many years it’s radioactivity-free


e.g. this is a stress-free job / not stressful


e.g this drink is alcohol-free, you can drink as much as you want of it

online newspaper 

celebrity = famous person

brand ambassador 

Yang Mi is the brand ambassador of my company


e.g. I think people are too sensitive about this issue

Beijing bra (it’s kind of a fun word, a joke)

e.g. Men like to lift up their shirt when it’s hot, we call it a Beijing bra


An eclipse is a rare phenomenon

rare = doesn’t happen often, 很少

Some birds are very rare, you never see them

people from the labor class / people from the lower class 


I work in Shanghai very happy – I’m very happy to work in Shanghai 

the opportunities are much more than in Canada – there are much more opportunities in China than in Canada

get mad of her parents – get mad at her parents 


canadian – caNAdian

Canada – CAnada