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What is se:now?

It replaces the need to learn English now, by providing members with the English help they need, right now. It’s like having a best friend who’s also a professional in your industry and who is a native English speaking teacher. If you need English in your life or work, but studying is just not practical, this service is simply perfect for you.

Choose from 2 services, and receive immediate assistance with your English within 1 hour, It’s that easy

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WeChat Now

[ Speak with us on WeChat for as long as you need ]

Use this to prepare for a meeting, conference, or just to have a quick talk.

10AM-6PM Monday-Friday

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Correction Service

[ Send us a document or email for us to check ]

Use this for email correction, PPT, resume, interview questions… it’s up to you

10AM-6PM Monday-Friday

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