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Example Notes Format

Mistake in italics – correction in bold 

New vocabulary – definition included
eg. example sentence (at least 1 for each new vocabulary)

A sentence with mistakes in bold highlighting each word that they had a problem with. Include underlines for things to remember or take note of.

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Don’t just free talk with students and teach them random words. For students that choose “free talk” it is up to you to guide the conversation & pick up on their bad habits and problems.

Exercises for Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentences, Pronunciation Click Here

Need a topic? Click Here

Describe a picture Click Here

News reading: varied levels Click Here

Please try to reduce Teacher Talk Time! Let the student speak at least 60% of the class. 

 1. Do you have anything special you would like to do today?

2. Would you like to review your last class notes?

3. How is my speaking speed…? Too fast or too slow?  

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