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Listening: 2.5
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Writing: 2.5
Mar' 19: 9.25

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Listening: 3.5
Speaking: 2.75
Pronunciation: 3
Writing: 3

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Immediate Correction (Grammar) / Speaking
Homework type + (Focus): Topical Writing (Vocabulary)

Class Notes from today:


What did you see in the photo exhibition?


Did you get something good for your anniversary?


Me gustaría conocer esa ciudad – I would like to see / visit / explore / live in the United States

Crackdown – when someone (or a government) decides to be strict about their policy
e.g. The Chinese government had a crackdown on corruption in the early years of Xi Jingping’s term.

Brave – valiente, when someone is

Cognate – cognato, a word that is the same between two languages

Body language – when you don’t need to use words to express an idea
e.g. He couldn’t remember the word for “drink,” so he pretended to be drinking something and they understood what he wanted.

Point (verb) – to use your finger to show what you want, señalar
e.g. Though he pointed at what he wanted on the menu, they could not understand what he wanted. It was very strange.

Cursive – writing in a way that all of the letters in one word are connected
Print – writing in a way that the letters are not connected

Bold – when a word is darker than the ones around it, like all the new words here, negrita
Italics – when the words are leaning to the side, like this, cursiva
Underline – subrayar

Photo Shoot – taking professional pictures
Photo Exhibition – showing professional pictures that were already taken

Entré a verla – I went in to see it / I entered the exhibition

To water – regar

Fire hose – the hose that firemen use to fight fires

Standing up – (hacer algo) de pie

Block – one part of a street between two intersections
Pass – to walk from one side of something to the other side without going inside, pasar en frente de
Cross – cruzar
e.g. You walk past Jing’an Temple from SmartEnglish towards Changde lu. At the intersection, you turn right and cross the street. Then you also cross Yan’an lu and the road turns into Fumin lu. Tres perros will be on your right.


I didn’t think it’s now – it would be now / so soon

When you back your home – when you go back to your home

Did she grow here? – grow up
— “Grow” means just to get bigger or taller; “grow up” means to get older, to become an adult; crecer vs. criarse

If you don’t remember either of the two – si no recuerdas ninguna de las dos

Left to home – I left home – from home

Near to there – near there
— “near” is already a preposition, so no need to use “to”

More cheaper – cheaper


Ch vs. Sh – “sh” is just a bit longer
— Shop vs. Chop