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Topics: Choose a daily life topic
Teaching method + (Focus):
Conversation (Grammar)
Homework type + (Focus): Writing (In-Class Vocabulary)
Occupation: Data Analysis
Evelyn doesn’t feel like she is improving, but definitely is. Her main concern is that she doesn’t have a good enough language environment outside of class, so it will be important to assign homework to review the vocabulary and grammar discussed in class, and also to talk about things that she can read/watch/listen to outside of class.

Class Notes from today:


Write about the situation with your coworker using the new vocabulary we talked about today.


Face-to-Face – when you are in the same place as the person you are talking to
Online – when you are doing a class

语言环境 – Language Environment – a place where you can use a language you are learning
e.g. Evelyn is worried that she doesn’t have a good language environment for learning English.

Compare – to see which of two things is better 比较
e.g. I bought two small pieces of pizza so that I could compare and know which one to buy for my friends.

Perspective / Point of view – what you think or believe 视角
e.g. My perspective is important,

Obedient – to listen and to follow instructions without asking too many questions
e.g.  Evelyn’s co-worker expects her to be obedient, but Evelyn has her own ideas.

to Spy – to watch something you aren’t supposed to
e.g. Evelyn’s coworker looks through the glass and spies on her work. She doesn’t trust her!

Busywork – simple things that take lots of time
e.g. Evelyn’s boss gives her lots of busywork, and none of it is good for career experience.

Career – the area you work in, including getting better and better jobs
e.g. I am looking for a career in the radio industry. I started as an assistant and now I am a manager.

Tense / Stressed – when you have a problem you don’t know how to solve and it makes you feel anxious, makes your heart feel tight
e.g. Having a bad coworker can make work very tense.
e.g. I feel stressed at work because I can’t work with my coworker.


The study not let me improve my English – The studying doesn’t help / The studies don’t help me improve my English

My idea is different than my boss’s – different from / different to

We can’t talk each other – we can’t talk to each other

She tell me – tells