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Listening: 3.5
Speaking: 2.25
Pronunciation: 3.5
Writing: 2.25
May '19: 11.5

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Listening: 4
Speaking: 3.25
Pronunciation: 3.75
Writing: 2.75

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Teaching method + (Focus):  Conversation (Interview Skills)

Homework type + (Focus): None
Preparing for interviews to switch companies, perhaps Lufthansa.

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Next Class Focus

Talk about how to prepare for interviews. Develop a plan for working on this skill in class and through homework.


Musical – a play where the characters sometimes sing instead of talking
e.g. Chicago is a famous musical.

Symphony Orchestra – a large group of musicians playing together, usually lots of string instruments like violins

Clap, Applaud – to hit your hands together to show that you like something; “clap” is a little less formal than “applaud””

Bar Exam – a law test that you have to pass to be able to work as a lawyer in a state
e.g. Nick had to go home to take the New York Bar Exam.

Scenery – natural areas that are good to look at, like mountains and lakes and rivers
e.g. Isn’t Jiangxi famous for its beautiful scenery?

Durian – 榴莲

Deck – when you have a lot of cards, like flashcards for studying or playing cards for playing (or gambling)
e.g. I have a deck of Chinese flashcards that I use to improve my vocabulary (slowly).

一万 – ten thousand
十万 – one hundred thousand


Tired vs. Tiring – “tired” is what you feel; “tiring” is something that makes you tired
e.g. I am always tired because I am preparing for a job interview while I am still working. Trying to do both is very tiring.