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Next update April 2020

Previous Levels

Listening: 3.75
Speaking: 3
Pronunciation: 3
Writing: 3.5

New levels

Listening: 4.25
Speaking: 3.25
Pronunciation: 3.5
Writing: 3.75

Changes to profile:
Topics: Business topics
Teaching method + (Focus): Presentation (Vocabulary / Self Correction) + Ask student for focus of class

Homework type + (Focus)

Next Class Focus

remind to say can’t / don’t rather than can not / do not


mulled wine – hot wine

beauty clinic

you have to be sensitive to appearance

carbon copy of each other / clone of each other

personal trainer
eg. he’s my personal trainer

possibly – there’s a chance
probably – 80-90%

liposuction – “lai poe suck shen”

mash / break it up 
eg. the first mash it up into smaller chunks and then suck it up

tuna – jing qiang yu


my line manager she is studyingmy line manager is studying