Profile Update Class (Jesse)

Your profile has been updated!

Next update April 2020

Previous Levels

Listening: 1.5
Speaking: 0.5
Pronunciation: 1.5
Writing: 1

New levels

Listening: 2.25
Speaking: 2.25
Pronunciation: 2.5
Writing: 2.75

Changes to profile:
Topics: IELTS speaking + Other topics
Teaching method + (Focus): Topic based Conversation (Sentences + Vocabulary) / Speaking Exercise (Grammar) 

Homework type + (Focus): Writing HW (Vocabulary) + Review notes (Grammar) 

Next Class Focus

Talk about how and when to use “which” and “who” to make longer sentences. Also focus on speaking slower and thinking about your complete sentences.

Correct the writing from today.

live – vvvv – strong – short “i”
life – fff – soft – long “eye”

kit – i
kite – eye

kite = kiet

bit – i
bite – eye

when did you get that?

this is my 2nd apple watch but this apple watch is apple watch 4.


I want to go – I wanna go
I wanted to go – I wanned teh go

I have a computer. It is black. = I have a computer which is black.
I have a friend. He is fat. = I have a friend who is fat.


When I was young, my father was a primary school Chinese teacher. He is a serious and responsible teacher who often takes his students’ compositions home for revision. My father influenced me to grow up and want to be a teacher. Although I am not a teacher now, I am also a volunteer of a reading teacher in my spare time, which makes me feel very satisfied.