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Listening: 3.5
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Pronunciation: 3.25
Writing: 3.25

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Topics: Business Topics + 51VOA news + Interview practice
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Homework type + (Focus):  add: Read a 51VOA article 




I marry him / I married him / we got married 
eg. I married this man and he was thin at that time
marriage (n)
eg. marriage can be so hard

wake / woke 

after I brushed my teeth / after brushing my teeth
when I am speaking / when I speak 

duo = 2
duet = 2 people singing together

Self introduction

I started my marketing career in 2008. My first job is in shanghai…. which is a very famous, skin care brand with a great heritage. I think the best part of working in a local company is that actually we own the full stream marketing ourselves , including the brand positioning to product innovation to commercial plan, and as a fresh graduate i learned from this experience what is marketing and how to do it. In 2012 I joined…. I think the most precious assets I got in Unilever is that Unilever’s comprehensive methodology of marketing solidified my marketing logic for example when I am planning a marketing campaign I used to focus on the details but now I would firstly step back and think through what is the brand issue and what is the route cause and what is the brand task. Ask myself what is the campaign objective and how can the campaign deliver the result. Unfortunately in the middle of 2013 uni adjust the strategy in…. and …. which caused 2000 counters closed at that time so the whole marketing team is upset so I decide to leave… and join…. and I stayed at … for 6 years and during the 6 years I adjusted myself to…

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