Profile Update Class (Jesse)

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Next update March 2020

Previous Levels

Listening: 3.75
Speaking: 3.25
Pronunciation: 3.75
Writing: 3.25

New levels

Listening: 4.0
Speaking: 3.25
Pronunciation: 3.75
Writing: 3.5


Changes to profile:
Topics: Same
Teaching method + (Focus): Conversation (Self Correction + Vocabulary) / Reading (Vocabulary + Connection / natural pronunciation) 

Homework type + (Focus): Change to: IELTS listening (new Vocabulary + connection listening)  

i hard to find a… = it’s hard for me to find

different to do – differen teh do

courage = braveness
eg. I tried to find the courage to do it but I just couldn’t

to end up – finally / in the end / the result
eg. I walked around a lot but I ended up going to an air B&B

B&B = Bed and Breakfast = casual hotel / guesthouse

hostel – cheap travelers’ hotel

social anxiety – being afraid of social situations / nervous
eg. he has social anxiety