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Next update March 2019

Previous Levels

Listening: 2.75
Speaking: 1.25
Pronunciation: 3
Writing: 2

New levels

Listening: 2.75
Speaking: 2.25
Pronunciation: 3.25
Writing: 2.75

Speaking focus: focus on listening to the words you know, ignore the words you don’t 

Next Class Focus

correct speaking from today


party – a group of friends
guild – big group like Aegis
eg. my party only has 4 people but my guild has 200, and it is the 6th top guild in the region

region – asia / big part of the world

communication (n)
communicate (v)
eg. it’s hard to communicate with my guildies / friends in the guild

blue – rare 
purple – epic 
orange – legendary 

server – fu wu qi
eg. we can’t change servers at the moment so i have to make a new character


fly / flew / flown 

at – point
in – inside
eg. I’m at Smart English, and inside the classroom

which – and it / it 
I bought some bread which I want to eat it. = I bought some bread. I want to eat it.
I bought some bread which was good. = I bought some bread. It was good.
I bought some bread which took 1 hour = I bought some bread. It took 1 hour.


Before the travel I booked the tickets on The price of it is very very expensive because I went there…. I must choose 1 plane company but came back for another air company. I went there with my classmates. One of them is the top of our group and another one is just class mates in our class. And it made me very happy, we can talk all the time from Shanghai to Boston for 14 hours. The best thing is the airplane was not up and down. It flew stably. I only slept half an hour in the whole time. During the first 3 days our school arranged us to have a lesson in MIT / we were having class in MIT. Then after the class we had a look around the campus