Profile Update Class (Jesse)

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Next update February 2020

Previous Levels

Listening: 2.75
Speaking: 2
Pronunciation: 2.75
Writing: 2.5

New levels

Listening: 3.25
Speaking: 3.0
Pronunciation: 2.75
Writing: 3.25

Changes to profile:
Topics: Life & Travel topics 
Teaching method + (Focus): Conversation (Self correction + Vocabulary) / Speaking Exercises (Vocabulary + Grammar) 

Homework type + (Focus): Writing HW – 1 / week (Vocabulary) 
Speak more in class rather than reading. 

Class Notes from today:


at the last of the class – at the end of last class / in the last part / last 15 minutes of the last class 

I couldn’t want to practice ieltsI don’t want to practice IELTS

my fault / my mistake – wo de cuo


I read it for 1 time – I read it once / I read it 3 times 

when i speaking English – When I speak English

Now you are speaking to me
Speaking English is hard

but writing in English, I have time to think... – writing in English needs me to think about it / when I write in English, I have time to think 

go – went
speak / spoke 

the doctor angry with me – the doctor got angry with me / was angry with me

stay at home
go home
come home 
get home 

listen to music
talk to you

I do it myself – no one helped me
I do it by myself – no one was with me / alone

you are one of my students / you are a student of mine = I have more than 1


exhibition – eck sib bishen – no “h”

experience – ecks peer ree yensss