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Listening: 2
Speaking: 1.25
Pronunciation: 2
Writing: 1.75

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Listening: 2.75
Speaking: 2.0
Pronunciation: 3.0
Writing: 2.5

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Topics: All topics 
Homework type + (Focus): Writing HW (sentences with conjunctions + vocabulary) 

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Next Class Focus

connecting pronunciation: eg. meet a = meeta / I want to go = I wanto go


MCN – Multi Channel Network

platform – douyin / bilibili etc

ceramic / china 

wares – products / dinnerware

bitter – ku
eg. this coffee is too bitter

eg. i want the flavor to overwhelm my tastebuds

instant coffee = fast and easy coffee
coffee ground / grind = powder that comes from beans
eg. You grind the coffee beans into coffee ground / grind. Once the beans have been ground into coffee ground / grind you can drink it.

I love that grind of coffee


i used this word describe – i used this word to describe

made from – each material
made of – main material
made by – the method (hand / machine / a sentence + process to explain the method)

i start to my work
i start working
i start to work 

i like black coffee but not with milk – I like black coffee without milk

he lived in China for many years and he has a studio which sells coffee and cups from Japan.